Boontech ICO Details

World’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered Decentralized Job Marketplace. Boon Tech is a block chain based free freelance Marketplace in which entrepreneurs and freelancers meet to carry out transactions involving freelance services with crypto currency rewards. Boon Tech combines concepts from job marketplace with lessons learned from building crypto currencies and their communities. Boon Tech is the first ever free freelancer marketplace in the world that reward a freelancer and the employer who uses the platform.
ICOs BoonTech
ICO Website
ICO Grade 93.103%
Number of ICO Tokens 500,000,000
Total Number of Tokens 1,000,000,000
ICO Market Cap $20,000,000
Pre Sale Date 16th November 2017
ICO Date 12/15/2017
ICO End Date 01/15/2018
ICO Price $0.04
Idea 3
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type Artificial Intelligence Powered Decentrlized Platform
Audience The Owner,The Employer and Freelancers
Github YES
Open Source NO
POS Rewards NO
User Base YES
App Store reviews YES
% Market Cap 0.006%
% Total Supply 50.000%
Release token Date 01/15/2018
White Paper Link
Competitive Strengths AI powered ratings, AI powered live language translations, AI powered identity protection, No service fee, No blockchain fluctuations
Team members
Team members expertise in Business domain YES
Target Market expertise YES
Software Development Experience / Blockchain Development Experience YES
Professional Network YES
Project Details
Social Media Link
Social Media Activity 2371
Media Coverage YES
Smart Money Backing NO
Corporate Backing NO
Partnership NO
Target Market World’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered Decentralized Job Marketplace.
Objective of Business Model Helping Corporations, entreprenuers and freelancers to communicate and work closey and effectively to mitigate the present burdens of legacy platforms
Use of Proceeds 50% Public Contributions 15% Research and Development 10% Reserve for Future Stakeholders 5% Marketing and Legal and Compliance 20% Boon Core Dev