Labrys ICO Details

Bringing Bonds to Blockchain. A platform to facilitate the tokenisation of bonds, enabling the elimination of middlemen to establish a direct relationship between issuer and investor.
ICOs Labrys
ICO Website
ICO Grade
Number of ICO Tokens 300,000,000
Total Number of Tokens 430,000,000
ICO Market Cap $30,000,000
Pre Sale Date 10/01/2017
ICO Date 01/30/2018
ICO End Date
ICO Price $0.10 USD
Idea 1
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type Traditional & Crypto
Audience Investors
Github NO
Open Source NO
POS Rewards YES
User Base NO
App Store reviews NO
% Market Cap 0.012%
% Total Supply 69.767%
Release token Date
White Paper Link
Competitive Strengths User controlled wallet, digitising middlemen, inclusive to all
Team members Taber Silver: Lachlan Feeney: Greg Timbrel: Lucas Cullen: James Blinco: Yasmine Everstets: Katrina Donaghy:
Team members expertise in Business domain Finance, Debt-Capital Markets, Marketing, Blockchain, IT Consulting, Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, Business Analysis
Target Market expertise Debt Capital Markets, Investing
Software Development Experience / Blockchain Development Experience Lachlan and Lucas both blockchain developers for Civic Ledger
Professional Network Included in names
Project Details
Social Media Link - -
Social Media Activity Active engagement
Partnership ClarkeKann Lawyers
Target Market Bond Investors, Crypto Holders
Objective of Business Model Democratise the bond market to allow business to easily issue bonds and allow anyone to easily invest in said bonds, whilst taking a small clipping of interest payments
Use of Proceeds To further develop platform and build bond portfolio