Boonpay ICO Details

Bonpay is a full-fledged Blockchain service. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual card, helping to make payments anywhere. Enjoy endless possibilities of controlling your payments world.
ICOs Boonpay
ICO Website
ICO Grade 82.759%
Number of ICO Tokens 36,961,120
Total Number of Tokens 100,000,000
ICO Market Cap $22,546,283
Pre Sale Date
ICO Date 10/31/2017
ICO End Date 11/28/2017
ICO Price $0.61
Idea 1
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type Boonpay App based multi-currency wallet
Audience Cryptocurrencies exchange traders, miners, Internet marketers, webmasters and freelancers
Github YES
Open Source YES
POS Rewards YES
User Base NO
App Store reviews NO
% Market Cap 0.012%
% Total Supply 36.961%
Release token Date 11/28/2017
White Paper Link
Competitive Strengths "Multi Currency Account: Boonpay Wallet supports wide range of cryptocurrencies and is compatible with various blockchains. Wallet has Ability to transfer and exchange funds in 125+ currencies with transparent and fair rates. Risk diversification & Decentralized storage."
Team members Alex Blazhevych - CEO, Oleg Boykov - CTO, Valentin Kaduchenko - CPO, Julya Bashtannik - CFO, Eddy Susanto - Co-founder
Team members expertise in Business domain Yes
Target Market expertise Yes
Software Development Experience / Blockchain Development Experience Yes
Professional Network NA
Project Details
Social Media Link,,
Social Media Activity Yes
Media Coverage NA
Smart Money Backing NA
Corporate Backing NA
Partnership NA
Target Market, Page No. 9
Objective of Business Model For further growth and development of the project by selling a part of its cryptocurrency tokens to ITS participants. ITS is a carefully recorded and secure way to fund and expand an existing product and service.
Use of Proceeds 40% Decentralised Liquidity Network 20% Marketing and Sales 10% Multi Platform Integration 10% Administrative and operational costs 10% Development fund 5% Legal advisors 5% Strategic Partnerships