Ccore is a Crypto Payment Platform that allows people who have cryptocoins / altcoins to spend them on various fiat based online services and stores without losing value on the exchange. And the owners of online-stores will be able to accept cryptocurrency for payment, while not losing part of their profit due to variation of cryptocurrency rate.
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ICO Grade 40.909%
Number of ICO Tokens 57,000,000
Total Number of Tokens 100,000,000
ICO Market Cap $16,530,000
Pre Sale Date 08/25/2017
ICO Date 10/15/2017
ICO End Date 11/15/2017
ICO Price $0.29
Idea 2
All-Star Team NO
All-Star Advisors NO
Type Payment Platform
Audience Merchants and Consumers
Github NO
Open Source NO
POS Rewards NO
User Base NO
App Store reviews NO
% Market Cap 0.011%
% Total Supply 57.000%
Release token Date 11/15/2017
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Social Media Activity 159