Duber ICO Details

düber is to help small companies compete with large corporations through superior technology. We serve the emerging cannabis industry using blockchain to solve supply chain and payment problems, and reward consumers for their contributions.
ICOs Duber
ICO Website https://dubercoin.com/
ICO Grade 50.000%
Number of ICO Tokens 136,500,000
Total Number of Tokens 1,113,000,000
ICO Market Cap $4,014,465,000
Pre Sale Date 12/05/2017
ICO Date 12/05/2017
ICO End Date 01/19/2018
ICO Price $29.41
Idea 1
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type measurement and incentive system
Audience Consumers, retailers, labs, processors, growers
Github NO
Open Source YES
POS Rewards NO
User Base NO
App Store reviews NO
% Market Cap 2.339%
% Total Supply 12.264%
Release token Date 01/19/2018
White Paper Link https://dubercoin.com/themencode-pdf-viewer-sc?tnc_pvfw=ZmlsZT1odHRwczovL2R1YmVyY29pbi5jb20vd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMTcvMTAvZHViZXItd2hpdGVwYXBlci1lbi5wZGYmc2V0dGluZ3M9Jmxhbmc9ZW4tVVM=#page=&zoom=auto&pagemode=
Team members CEO Founder Glenn Ballman,Chief Technology Officer Derek Mackie,Chief Marketing Officer Andrevan Regenmortel,Chief Legal Officer James Mutter,Chief Financial Officer David Edmunds,
Target Market expertise https://dubercoin.com/
Software Development Experience / Blockchain Development Experience YES
Professional Network https://twitter.com/duberpartners
Project Details
Social Media Link https://twitter.com/duberpartners
Social Media Activity 269
Media Coverage NO
Smart Money Backing YES
Corporate Backing NO
Partnership YES
Target Market Consumer Marketplaces
Objective of Business Model Incentivizing Economic Surplus Growth in the Cannabis Industry
Use of Proceeds 40% Further development of the düber platform,29% ​Sales ​and ​Marketing ,15% ​Working ​Capital ,10% ​Operating ​ ​Expenses, 6% ​General ​ and ​ ​Administrative