iBuild ICO Details

iBuildApp Network builds an open source mobile engagement network connecting mobile apps with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network.
ICOs iBuild
ICO Website https://ibuildapp.io/
ICO Grade 90.909%
Number of ICO Tokens 25,000,000
Total Number of Tokens 100,000,000
ICO Market Cap $25,000,000
Pre Sale Date 09/25/2017
ICO Date 10/09/2017
ICO End Date 11/25/2017
ICO Price $1
Idea 2
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type adNetwork Marketplace
Audience Company & Customers
Github NO
Open Source YES
POS Rewards YES
User Base YES
App Store reviews YES
% Market Cap 0.017%
% Total Supply 25.000%
Release token Date 11/25/2017
White Paper Link https://ibuildapp.io/file/Whitepaper.pdf
Project Details
Social Media Link https://www.facebook.com/ibuildapp/
Social Media Activity 28105