jdaafcKvZZssY ICO Details

jTUzfE https://goldentabs.com/
ICOs jdaafcKvZZssY
ICO Website https://goldentabs.com/
ICO Grade
Number of ICO Tokens 64,806
Total Number of Tokens 65
ICO Market Cap $8
Pre Sale Date 10121985
ICO Date 10121985
ICO End Date
ICO Price $10
Idea 2
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type chqZWnYfBaXuklF
Audience MDfICUojSIPgvO
Github YES
Open Source YES
POS Rewards YES
User Base YES
App Store reviews YES
% Market Cap 2rand[0,1,1]
% Total Supply 17
Release token Date
White Paper Link https://goldentabs.com/
Competitive Strengths uGuiKCrvNGE
Team members hJeCcHvKxpgDDFS
Team members expertise in Business domain rsDAyoIsbgwEqHWI
Target Market expertise jRlZPsJKkoCsVAXld
Software Development Experience / Blockchain Development Experience NInpNmZMkDpMoG
Professional Network jPooXZPMstmFRjnmolT
Project Details
Social Media Link https://goldentabs.com/
Social Media Activity XzdylLgbXTYZ
Media Coverage 2rand[0,1,1]
Smart Money Backing 8
Corporate Backing UpCHEpHkzbB
Partnership XABeIxYWFEs
Target Market OqUWaRHvOvHrrTjK
Objective of Business Model ujyCOxwQBgQ
Use of Proceeds sApYiAArmxAjUebUgH