Mirocana ICO Details

Mirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets.
ICOs Mirocana
ICO Website https://mirocana.com/
ICO Grade 44.828%
Number of ICO Tokens 130,000,000
Total Number of Tokens 200,000,000
ICO Market Cap $40,300,000
Pre Sale Date 10/19/2017
ICO Date 11/19/2017
ICO End Date 12/19/2017
ICO Price $0.31
Idea 2
All-Star Team NO
All-Star Advisors NO
Type Technology in Artificial Intelligence for transparent investing
Audience Traders
Github NO
Open Source YES
POS Rewards NO
User Base NO
App Store reviews NO
% Market Cap 0.021%
% Total Supply 65.000%
Release token Date 12/19/2017
White Paper Link https://static.mirocana.com/documents/en/WhitePaper.pdf
Competitive Strengths Mirocana connects to an existing broker or exchange account,building three platforms for crowdsourced learning , The system works not only with cryptocurrencies but with traditional stock and currency markets as well
Project Details
Social Media Link https://twitter.com/mirocana
Social Media Activity 897
Objective of Business Model Both Development and Growth
Use of Proceeds 10% for hiring new developers and engineers ,15% for expanding the team of algo-traders & quantitative analysts ,15% for expanding the team of data scientists & mathematicians ,20% for hiring new developers (Mirocana Products) ,10% for hiring new developers & blockchain experts (Mirocana Miner product) ,10% for renting new servers ,5% for expanding the team of managers ,15% for legal, marketing and other expenses