Redpulse ICO Details

2 > Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets
ICOs Redpulse
ICO Website
ICO Grade 77.273%
Number of ICO Tokens 893,143,236
Total Number of Tokens 1,708,621,842
ICO Market Cap $26,794,297
Pre Sale Date 08/22/2017
ICO Date 09/10/2017
ICO End Date 09/10/2017
ICO Price $0.03
Idea 3
All-Star Team YES
All-Star Advisors YES
Type App
Audience Analytics
Github NO
Open Source NO
POS Rewards NO
User Base YES
App Store reviews YES
% Market Cap 0.020%
% Total Supply 52.273%
Release token Date 09/10/2017
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Social Media Activity 5408